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Breathing Sleep Otter Plush Toy - Brown

Breathing Sleep Otter Plush Toy - Brown

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Experience ultimate relaxation with our Schlummerotter sleep plush toys. These breathing, music-playing otter plushies are the perfect gift for a good night's sleep. Designed to soothe and appease both body and mind, they're a must-have for any bedtime routine.

Soothing Companion: This adorable plush stuffed animal provides comfort and solace to your baby at home or anywhere else, through soothing sounds, music, ultra-soft clothing, and rhythmic breathing movements.
Perfect Gift for Newborns: This baby sound machine, designed to promote sleep and relaxation, is an ideal gift for newborns, infants and toddlers. Its soft and comforting presence brings joy and tranquility.
Baby Sleep Aid: This sleeping music toy offers various ways to calm your baby, with built-in sounds and lights that can be adjusted to your baby's preferences. Its cute design is sure to capture your baby's attention and affection.
Made from Soft and Safe Materials: Crafted from gentle and baby-friendly materials, this baby sleep soother ensures safety and comfort for your little one. The combination of soothing sounds and gentle vibrations helps to calm your baby, providing peace of mind.
Portable and Convenient: The comfort doll is easily portable, allowing you to provide comfort and soothing anytime, anywhere. Its compact size and lightweight design make it convenient for travel and on-the-go use.


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