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Wearable Anti-spill Silicone Nipple Pads

Wearable Anti-spill Silicone Nipple Pads

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The Breastmilk Collector is composed of silicone and can be sterilized through boiling, steam, or UV sterilization methods. Each package comes with two collectors. In addition, the collector helps catch overflow.

  • [INNOVATIVE ANTI-LEAKAGE DESIGN] - Prevent breast milk leakage and protect nipples during feeding
  • [COMFORTABLE AND SKIN-FRIENDLY FIT] - Designed to fit the curve of the breast, providing a comfortable and feel
  • [HIGH-ABSORPTION CORE] - Breathable and moisture-free, rapidly absorbs excess breast milk for a comfortable experience
  • [SOFT AND GENTLE ON SKIN] - Large opening and ultra-thin design for a soft and comfortable feel
  • [ECONOMICAL AND REUSABLE] - Can be used repeatedly, making it a cost-effective choice for breastfeeding moms
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